PROJECT: "Resurrect Chapel"


In March 2010, the San Ignacio Farm Retreat House and Spirituality Center in Culion was constructed under the leadership of Fr. Florge Michael Sy who was then the Parish Priest of La Inmaculada Concepcion Parish and President of Loyola College of Culion. In June 2010, Fr. Jose Cecilio Magadia, SJ, then Provincial Superior of the Jesuits in the Philippines, inaugurated and blessed the Retreat House which included a Chapel in front of the Statue of St. Ignatius who is dressed like a farmer.

  • CHAPEL (Outside View)

    The Chapel was designed with some similarities to the Church of the Gesu in the Ateneo de Manila campus.

  • CHAPEL (Inside View)

    The Cross at the center was the original cross in the Parish Church. During the day, one can see the beautiful view of the mangroves, the sea and the islands through the glass at the back of the Altar.


    The Retreat House has 9 rooms in the Main Building and can accommodate 22 people. Those who cannot be accommodated inside the building can set up tents.


 In November 2013, the Chapel of the Retreat House was destroyed by Super-Typhoon Yolanda when the whole roof was blown away by its powerful wind.  Most of the furniture inside the Chapel were also destroyed including the historic cross that used to be in the Parish Church for several decades.

  • The roof of the Chapel totally blown away.

  • The damage inside the Chapel

  • The historic Cross destroyed

Early Reconstruction of the Chapel

With some donations, the reconstruction of the Chapel's roof was completed in 2016. Up to this time, the Retreat House was under the administration of the Parish in Culion.  Reconstruction work was stopped as the administration of the Parish was turned over by the Jesuits to the diocesan clergy in July 2016.  The administration of the Retreat House was then turned over to Loyola College of Culion. 

With the remaining balance of the donations, Fr. Adriano Tapiador, SJ, President of Loyola College of Culion, resumed the reconstruction of the Chapel in March 2017.  The work on the ceiling and the floor were completed last May 2017.  Due to lack of funds, the remaining work on the Chapel could not be completed.  Currently, the Chapel has no altar, no tabernacle, no pews, no statues, no fans, no sound system, no cabinets and no tables and chairs.  While the main structure is completed, it could not yet be used.

  • Chapel with New Roof

  • New Ceiling and Floor Tiles of the Chapel


Loyola College of Culion has launched PROJECT:  "Resurrect Chapel" this month in order to raise funds to complete the furnishing of the Chapel so that it can be used again for Masses and other religious activities.  This Project also includes constructing a Sacristy and a Priest's Room in the basement of the Chapel.  The estimated cost of the Project is approximately P800.000.00.

The Chapel will be named "CHAPEL OF THE RESURRECTION OF OUR LORD."  It is hoped that the Chapel can also have a resurrection experience.  Since 2010, many Parishioners walk towards the Retreat House during Holy Week to make their Stations of the Cross.  The Fourteenth Station, which is the Resurrection of our Lord, has always been done in the Retreat House.

To send cash donations, funds may be deposited in the following bank account:


Account Name:  Loyola College of Culion, Inc.
Account Number:  3081-1128-26

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For inquiry and donations in kind, please contact FR. ADRIANO R. TAPIADOR, SJ (Fr. Bogs):

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